Skateboard vs longboard – you choose!

If you want to get yourself a skateboard or a longboard, you might have some trouble. These names are often used interchangeably, which can result in many misunderstandings. Unlike skateboards, longboards weren’t available until the 50’s – the first longboards were simply longer skateboards that were supposed to simulate the feeling of surfing the waves.

War of worlds! Shorter or longer board?

First, let’s establish what is the difference between a skateboard and a longboard. Longboards are usually bigger than skateboards. While a skateboard has little over 30 inches (approx. 76 cm), longboards can measure up to 48 inches (approx. 120 cm). Longboards often also have longer wheelbase, meaning the distance between wheels. Longer wheelbase is crucial to holding stability at high speeds. The shape is also different – while almost all skateboards have the same classic shape, longboards can vary greatly. They are also easier to adjust to your preferences.

Skateboard and its advantages…

Skateboard sports have emerged in the 40’s. Skateboards are popular due to having an elegant shape and weighting less than longboards. If you want to occasionally skate on teh street, you can pick up the light and relatively small skateboard. However, you can’t travel too far with it, as it’s not very stable and can’t be used on all roads.

On the other hand, skateboard is way better than a longboard when it comes to tricks. The basics of riding a skateboard are also easier to learn. The only real challenge is keeping your balance. After you learn that, everything else is pretty easy and you can learn how to skate relatively fast. Learning tricks is a bit more difficult, but everything is possible if you train long enough. As you progress you can also try harder tricks that wouldn’t be possible on a longboard. That’s why people, who want to learn various tricks, usually pick a skateboard.

Longboard and its upsides..

If you mainly just want to get around the city, longboard will probably be a better choice than a skateboard. If you’re a beginner, learning to stand on a regular skateboard will be harder than on a longboard due to the smaller board and shorter wheelbase.

Longboard will be definitely easier to master – you might learn how to ride it within a few hours. Big, soft wheels ensure a smoother ride, and can handle a bumpy road that a skateboard wouldn’t get across. The longer the board and wider wheelbase, the smoother will you ride be. Longboards are available in many sizes and shapes; everything comes down to your choice.

If you want to enjoy riding down a hill, you should pick a stable and fast longboard that can reach up to 100 kmph. Most of them are designed so that they will be easier to control at high speeds than skateboards. Skateboard probably won’t ever ensure the stability and comfort that you need to enjoying rolling off hills. However, you should be careful about your speed. Big wheels can add momentum at high speeds, so you should learn how to brake while going slower.

What will you choose?

Skateboards and longboards can look similar, but they are actually two different things. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you buy one.

Both longboards and skateboards can be good for beginners, but in my experience longboards are a bit better. They are made for riding calmly, they are longer and more stable. It’s also easier to learn how to brake. Longboard is perfect for anyone, who wants to learn the basics and then switch over to skateboard.

Before you buy a longboard you should know one crucial thing: doing tricks on them is not the best idea. Actually, you shouldn’t do it at all. Longboards have a characteristic shape that makes it almost impossible. You can, of course, learn certain tricks on a longboard, but it takes way more time than with a regular skateboard.

An advantage of the longboard is that you can just focus on surfing, and they can surf quite fast. The disadvantage is that the big wheels make them way heavier than a skateboard.

Skateboards, on the other hands, are lighter than longboards. Their small wheels are light and good for skating in parks. But even if you want to start by doing tricks, it’s easier to start by learning to drive a longboard. It’ll give you balance and confidence, which will make riding a skateboard way easier. It’ll also let you master the crucial elements of riding any board: keeping your balance and braking.

If your budget is limited and you can’t afford to buy both a longboard and a skateboard, you can start with the second one. It’ll be a bit harder, as they are smaller and require better balance, but it’s not impossible. The smaller wheels of a skateboard slow down on an uneven terrain, which can be an advantage. Aside from that, you’ll be able to start learning tricks faster. It’s not recommended, though – experts say you should master basics before trying any tricks.

So what’s better, longboard or skateboard? Everything comes down to what you prefer! People, who like surfing around the city prefer a longboard. It can reach very high speeds and lets you get to your destination pretty fast. Longboards don’t stop on uneven surfaces and make for an excellent mode of transportation. They are also a great way to relax if you just want to go out and skate a bit. Skateboards, on the other hand, are perfect for people, who want to do tricks and spend time in skateparks. It’s a really engaging hobby. You may be discouraged at first as you’ll often fall off the board, and learn tricks aren’t as easy as they seem. You’ll have a lot of bruises from learning how to skate, but you’ll avoid the transition from long- to a skateboard. In the end, you have to try for yourself and see what you prefer.

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